Abdelhamid Errachid . At the end of 2007 he joined Claude Bernard University-Lyon 1 as a
Professor. His current research activity is focussed in BioElectronics, Biofonctionalisation and
NanoBiotechnology. He has been working in the design, fabrication and characterisation of
chemical- and bio- sensors based on microelectrodes and FET (Field-Effect-Transistor) and in the
development of integrated instrumentation for ISFETs (Ion-sensitive Field-Effect-Transistor). He
has been involved in several European Projects (DEMAC, BARMINT, MICRO-CARD, MICRO-
From 2006 to 2008 he was working as a senior researcher at the Institute for Bioengineering of
Catalonia (IBEC) at the University of Barcelona.

Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault . She is Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche
Scientifique and the president of the chemical micro sensor club (CMC2). Her research activities
include the design and fabrication of new biosensors based on biocatalytic systems and affinity
systems and on electrochemical transduction. Label-free detection and miniaturization for
integration in lab-on-chips are the main directions for this research. These biosensors are developed
for in situ monitoring in biological fluids, natural waters and in food stuffs. Several technology
transfers to industrial companies were performed.

Carole Chaix Bauvais is Academic Research fellow (CNRS) at the Laboratory of Analytical
Sciences. Her current research fields are Ultra sensitive and labelless detection of DNA, Imaging.
She is involved in the following projects:
•    Oligonucleotide solid phase synthesis on nanosized particles for imaging applications
•    Synthesis of ferrocene modified oligonucleotides and study of their anchoring on electrodes to develop
a labelless multidetection DNA biochip
•    New ultra sensitive biomolecular probes for real time multidetection of infectious diseases incomplex media

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