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General objectives

  • Provide innovative remote management treatment and control services for patients suffering from chronic heart failure
  • Allowing patients to be treated at the point of need by the healthcare professionals, without renouncing to accessing large medical centers
  • Provide innovative remote-control services allowing the patient and the healthcare professional to keep under control the performance of cardiovascular implanted assisted devices
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of specialized remote medical services and the positive impact on the healthcare system reducing hospitalisation time, by considering also the higher degree of device acceptability at home, after an accurate training of the patient and his empowerment (psychological support, evaluation and counseling before and after implantation is strongly considered, by taking into consideration the importance of brain-heart and brain-homeostasis recover relations)
  • Analyse and exploit the medical device market by the development of an open, standardized interoperable system able to easily interact with the existing products.

Technical objectives

  • Design, develop and test an open and interoperable device-independent platform supporting personalized care, telemonitoring and telecontrol, able to interact with the cardiac support systems already on the market
  • Implement a set of wireless and transcutaneous energy transfer micro and nanosensors able to collect in real time and on daily basis the patient-specific biosignals, according to specific reactions and/or chemical, biological or neurohumoral signals, as well as the parameters to check "pumping" action of the VADS.

Long-term clinical objectives

To clarify the patho-physiological mechanisms in different patients and in different conditions:

  • In acute phase patients: allow the cardiologist to be informed in real time about SAE
  • In post acute phase and/or in chronic phase: allow the cardiologist to collect measurements in order to adjust the therapy.

In future, the sensorized and bio-sensorized VADs could become “temporary” therapeutic tools able to avoid the progression towards the end stage heart failure and, possibly, to be able to remove them in order to check the evidence of natural heart recovery.

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